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The Final Time Prophecy contains the only End Time prophecy that actually gives dates.

Whether you believe it or not, you will if you read the book. Most people are very skiddish when it comes to date setting, but this is not a date set by any man, as you would see if you would only commit to spending the $5 necessary to continue this important ministry.

I understand the negatives here that would cause you to doubt, date setting, and the asking for money, but all that have chanced it have been blessed. The responses from readers have been very positive.

Go to today, and pick up the book for yourself.

God can only talk to those with ears to hear, and reveal to them with eye’s to see.

DW Miller


UFO Documentary Video’s on You Tube

I have added 3 documentary video to my You Tube channel, and they have been well received. They are great video, so I have decided to share them with my Word Press friends.

Go directly to my You Tube channel to view my uploads, or click the links below.

UFOs In the Bible:

UFO Angels or Aliens:

UFO Hidden Truth:

Also, check out:

Slender man:

North Korean Propaganda Film:

Shocking Revelation Antichrist:

US and Israel discuss actions following drone invasion of Israel

According to, NBC World News article, 10/04/12, Israel shot down an unidentified aircraft. The exact quote is, “In the video, a small, unidentified aircraft is seen moments before being destroyed by a missile fired from a fighter jet”. This leaves some to speculate that the craft was not of this world.
Just for fun I read the article from I pride myself on having an open mind, though, this article did not convince me that the object was from out of this world until I watched the video released by the Israeli military. It did make me slightly suspicious.
I began asking myself, “how did the object make it so far into their airspace? And, if it came from the Mediterranean, is Hezbollah in the Mediterranean?”
This is not the first time Israeli airspace has been breached In the article from NBC their are examples of past occurrences, however this one comes at a time of heightened concern.
In the past couple of days since the attack the United States and Israel have been in discussions, according to RT News You Tube video. It was difficult trying to find these developments on other more main stream news channels. RT news has an article titled, “October surprise: US and Israel prepare to strike Iran”.
The Israeli military attribute this invasion of Israeli airspace to Hezbollah, an “Iranian military front”, and are determined to do whatever it takes to prevent further threats.
These events are leading to the fulfillment of a prophecy from Daniel, which says that a war in the middle east will happen, the result of which will be the setting up of the anti-Christ’s palace between the seas and the holy mountain. Also, that this theocratic dictator will control the wealth of that whole region, making it an unmatchable economical force. Soon after (could be a number of years) “news from the east, and out of the north will trouble him: and he will go forth to destroy, and utterly make away many”.
“Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short”. Matt: 24:22
Above Top Secret is a thought provoking site with a great forum for venting and learning.
Thanks for reading, and stay posted as I intend to follow this, and other pertinent stories, and continue to link great articles and video.

The Final Time Prophecy

The Final Time Prophecy

There is a time prophecy in the book of Daniel that, like the 70 week prophecy which prophesied the year of Christ’s first coming, prophesies the year of his return. There will be no doubt in your mind after reading this incredible book. Written over ten years ago “The Final Time Prophecy” is the most current book on the subject of Bible prophecy. Already this book is becoming a history book. Learn what your church leaders won’t tell you, and what the government would rather you didn’t know.

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